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Lorenzo Tebaldini

I am Born in 1992 near Turin, Italy, I now reside in Copenhagen. My academic journey in the field of osteopathy began at the University of Turin (UNITo), where I earned a degree in Sport Sciences in 2015. Following that, I acquired a Diploma in massage therapy in 2017. My formal osteopathic training was completed at SIOTe.Ma. (Scuola Italiana di Osteopatia e Tecniche Manuali) in 2021, where I graduated as an osteopath. That same year, I further enhanced my osteopathy expertise with a Bachelor’s degree from Kingston University in London.

My professional career as an osteopath commenced in Italy, working independently at two clinics. Here, I collaborated with a diverse team of health practitioners, including physiotherapists, kinesiologists, dentists, orthopedics, anesthesiologists, and fellow osteopaths. I later relocated to Denmark, joining the team at Klinik KropsVærkstedet.

Since 2014, my experience has spanned various sports disciplines, including coaching artistic gymnastics for young male athletes, engaging in postural kinesiology with senior citizens, and overseeing kickboxing training, focusing on injury prevention and performance enhancement for adult athletes. I also developed training programs for children in this field.

My osteopathic approach is holistic and patient-centered. It involves an initial consultation, followed by a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s posture and movement. By palpating and identifying areas of dysfunction, I focus on treating visceral, biomechanical, and fascial restrictions to unlock the body’s full potential, addressing both physical and psychological aspects of pain. My aim is always to treat the whole body, not just the symptoms, ensuring personalized care for each patient.

I speak fluent in Italian and English, with basic knowledge of Spanish, I am also currently learning Danish, expanding my ability to connect with a diverse patient base.

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